Our Services

All our services are based on the industry leading designs and procedures. Air quality and comfort of your home is only possible when your heating and air conditioning system is precisely designed, installed and well maintained. Depending on job to be done, we offer options to our customers which fits best within their budget.


Our HVAC contractors inspect each job thoroughly from the inside out to design and install the most efficient system in the residential or commercial areas.

Our estimates are free so do not hesitate to call and have our professionals come and inspect your heating and air conditioning system. Our endeavor is to make sure that you have the best quality equipment installed, within your desired budget. We will give you the peace of mind of being covered by Calstar Heating & Air Conditioning for 18 months full warranty, and 10 years manufacturer warranty on the compressor. 

  • Roof Top Unit
  • Ceiling Fan Coil
  • Condenser
  • Heat pump Units
  • Gas Electric
  • Central Air conditioning
  • Ductless mini Split
  • Duct work
  • Smart Thermostat


We provide emergency services and we strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. If your heating or cooling system fails, give Calstar Heating & Air Conditioning a call. Our team of expertise are trained to pinpoint the problem and troubleshoot the system as quick as possible. 


Dust and pollutants are considered as just two of the greatest enemies of your AC units. If the filters are stacked up, your unit can not circulate and filter the indoor air effectively.

If the freon level is not adjusted the system will be running continuously to set your desired temperature, and this will result in an increase in your energy bill. If the condenser is not cleaned properly, the unit will run under extra pressure and it may cause costly damages to the unit.

However, performing proper maintenance, one before summer and one before the winter, is going to save you time and money, and make your unit running for years to come. Maintenance done by our teams is included but not limited to the examples above.